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As above so below
Training and consulting

AnimaFemina offers - in addition to its cultural and performance production activities - a project that focuses on the care of oneself and for the collective, practising well-being through the ancient tools of philosophy and naturopathy. "As above so below" in fact, proposes itself as a set of practices that naturally manifest as tools for existential research, resolution of problems and conflicts both individual and of a broader context. Psyche and body lived through a single approach made up of practices that stem from themes dear to the human being. From the stimuli we cant get from various texts to the characteristics of plants and how they can influence themselves but also our lives.

Acting & Drama Classes
Philosophical consultant
Frida Neri

Philosophy and naturopathy are ancient and always valid tools for the care and maintenance of psyche and body, in all spheres of human living. "As abow so below" combines them within this world of individual and collective practices, aiming for the well-being of body and soul. 
It is a powerful tool with which to investigate, cultivate and manage a broad spectrum of themes and dynamics that concern our lives.

Mirella Torelli

The art of asking questions in order to gain awareness and stimulate emotions and reactions using natural essences extracted from plants, constitutes a creative and humanistic approach that alone can question the complexity of reality. Specifically, this project is articulated through different types of pathways and activities tailored to the needs of the consultants. Be they individuals, businesses, organizations and subjects of various kinds.

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