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Via del Canto

The Via del Canto international festival of world music was born from the dream of combining artistic and social commitment in a three-day event of workshops, concerts, lectures and performances. A tide that in the first three editions invaded the cities of Pesaro and Fano and then expanded to smaller neighboring towns. Different kinds of music from the world, traditional and oral as a way of getting to know and relate to the eachother, a way of conforting the local foreign communities, being curious about those involved from time to time. The distinctive element of the first two editions - before the great change we had in the management of migratory movements by the Italian Government - was the involvement of boys and girls from the Sprar (a government agency for asylum seekers and political refugees) in the festival staff.

Acting & Drama Classes

Anissa Gouizi and Frida Neri are two artists, songwriters and performers of music from the world. Both mix innovation with tradition, both see music and art in general as a way of being present in the world, allowing oneself to experience its complexity, both existentially and socially.
Parallel to their activity as singers, since 2018 they have chosen to create a festival that would be a place and opportunity for a gathering to rediscover a humanistic and relational approach to art. Not entertainment, but culture.

The Artistic Directors
Via del Canto Frida e Anissa_Pagina_1_Immagine_0001.jpg

The choice of guest artists follows the same approach that animates the entire festival: the performances are true narratives of other worlds that offer themselves as knowledge that can only come through social involvement. And therein lies the power of music! The artists are witnesses and messengers of experiences as well as sounds. Concerts, real rituals of deep participation.


Workshops are the heart of Via Del Canto. Revolving around songs and music from the world that also come from oral tradition, played with different genres and instruments; they take place in wonderful places all through the cities involved. From the Church of the Magdalene or Palazzo Gradari in Pesaro to the Sala della Concordia or at the Palazzo San Michele in Fano. These activities often end with a final performance by the students and teachers.

Festival editions

Edizione 2018

Edizone 2019

Edizione 2020

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